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  1. Go to Estate ImageMap Configurator -> Floors
  2. Edit your floor
  3. You need to add new apartment as a row for the floor. Click Add Row under Floor Apartments.
  4. Every Apartment has several elements:
    1. Availability – Select Available, Reserved or Sold.
    2. Apartment Name / Number – For example M1, 1.M2 or some number.
    3. Square Meters – Enter square meters, for example 49.5
    4. PDF – There you can upload or select file from your WordPress media. PDF Will open after clicking on apartment area on the floor plan.
    5. Coordinates – Enter coordinates, user floor plan to get them. Get coordinates from http://imagemap-generator.dariodomi.de or https://www.image-map.net
    6. Rooms – enter number of rooms
    7. Balcony (or Terrace) – for example „Balcony”, „Terrace”, „2x” or „Yes” or „-„
    8. Garden – for example „Garden”, „22 sq meters” , „Yes” or „-„
  5. Save the floor.

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